Is The Extreme Blood And Gore In bollyflix movie Today Scarier Than Older Horror Flix?

 In 1963, Herschel Gordon Lewis unleashed a bollyflix movie called "Blood Feast" on an unsuspecting American bollyflix movie going public. It featured a man who needed body parts from women to conjure up a long-dead Egyptian Goddess to complete an Egyptian Feast. The scenes of decapitated heads and torsos dripping with blood was the first really gross-out material that most people had seen up to that year. Before that, "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" dealt with the nature of "traditional horror", meaning that frightening makeup and dark, foggy exterior scenes made up the scary nature of horror bollyflix movie.

Some critics much prefer the traditional ways of horror, but the majority of young moviegoers today prefer the torture scenes of bollyflix movielike the "Saw" trilogy, the "Hostel" bollyflix movieand the works of Rob Zombie, such as "House of 1000 Corpses" and " The Devil's Rejects". Both of those movies feature extreme torture sequences and headless torsos bleeding from the neck, knives through the skull, sledgehammer blows to the head, and many other such atrocities.

In "Hostel 2", director Eli Roth revisits the same Slovokia hostel that the previous film explored. This time, three beautiful co-eds encounter some very violent killers in their hostel, and the torture begins. You can expect more than a handful of hands being chopped off, limbs tortured and knife-wielding maniacs in this one just like the last one. Eli Roth does have a great grasp of what frightens you, but I would like to see him branch out into a realm of more traditional horror, and perhaps make a vampire bollyflix movieor two. It would be interesting to see if he has the directing chops to come up with his own "Exorcist" bollyflix moviewithout having to resort to extreme blood and gore, even though there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's done with a sense of style and flair.

With his remake of "Halloween", Rob Zombie must leave some of his blood and gore and torture sequences from his first two forays into horror at home. This franchise calls for real chills and thrills from the tense action sequences that John Carpenter gave us in the first bollyflix movie made in 1978 with Jamie lee Curtis. A newcomer actress called Scout Taylor-Compton will play Laurie Stroud in the remake, which looks to be more sinister in nature than any of the sequels if you happen to see the great preview for the flick which will be released this August.


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